Rental Property Loans

Buying a home doesn’t necessarily have to mean making a large down payment. For qualified borrowers, there are low and zero-money-down home loan options available through conventional and government-backed options.

Rental Property Financing Solutions

Investing in a rental home can be a great way to boost your monthly cash flow, diversify your retirement portfolio and build your wealth. Here at Alpha Mortgage Corporation, we can help real estate investors find competitive pricing on rental property financing. Our team of mortgage professionals will work closely with you to find a rental property loan program that works for your needs and budget and provide personalized service from application to closing.

Investment loans are designed to finance the purchase of a home that the borrower intends to rent out for income. Whether they plan to rent the home out to long-term tenants or they want to use the home as vacation rental property, an investment loan will likely be needed if the borrower’s key objective is to use the property to generate income.

A good credit score and a solid down payment will help you get the best pricing on investment property loans, as they can carry a slightly higher risk than loans for primary residences. Talk to one of our loan specialists today for more information on our investment property loan guidelines and to get pre-qualified.

At Alpha Mortgage Corporation, our investment property financing options are priced competitively in today’s market. And our fast, efficient service helps investors save time and get to the closing table quickly. To find out more about our Investment Property Loans and how they differ from Second Home Loans, call our team of mortgage professionals at (910) 256-8999.

Rental Property Loan Highlights 

Can be used to finance the purchase or refinance of 1-4 unit residential rental properties.

Highly competitive interest rates.

Available in a variety of terms, including 30 and 15-year fixed rates.

Can help up-and-coming real estate investors build their portfolios, without having to pay cash in full.

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