Low & No Money Down Mortgages

Buying a home doesn’t necessarily have to mean making a large down payment. For qualified borrowers, there are low and zero-money-down home loan options available through conventional and government-backed options.

Explore our selection of low and no-money-down mortgages today to see if you qualify. We’re pleased to offer four different low and zero-money-down mortgage options:


The FHA loan is a highly popular loan option that features a 3.5% minimum down payment, competitive interest rates, and flexible credit guidelines. Borrowers can also use gift funds for their down payment, making the FHA loan one of the more popular options for first-time buyers who don’t have cash from the sale of a previous home to make a down payment.


The VA loan is available to qualified veterans and active duty military and offers 100% financing (zero down) for eligible borrowers. VA loans feature no PMI, affordable rates, and a one-time funding fee that can be financed into the loan, saving the borrower even more money at closing.


The USDA loan is open to low- and moderate-income borrowers and homes located in less-populated areas of the United States. Although it is known as the USDA Rural Housing Loan, many borrowers are surprised to learn that they can get USDA financing on homes located fairly close to large cities. These loans feature zero money down, affordable rates, and fees that can be financed into the loan. Like the VA loan, USDA loans help borrowers save tremendously on out-of-pocket expenses at closing.

Fannie Mae HomeReady

This conventional loan option is available to low- and moderate-income home buyers who may not have a lot of cash to put down at closing. Featuring a 3% minimum down payment, cancellable mortgage insurance* and competitive rates, the Fannie Mae HomeReady loan is an affordable option for both first time and repeat home buyers.

Why Consider A Low or No Money Down Loan?

  • Low (or no) money down means keeping more cash in savings, allowing it to continue to build over time.
  • Government-backed loans (FHA, VA, USDA) are insured by the federal government, helping minimize risk to lenders so they can keep rates affordable.
  • The HomeReady program features cancellable mortgage insurance*, which makes it a popular alternative to the FHA mortgage.
  • Less-than-perfect credit is OK.

*Some restrictions may apply. Speak with one of our mortgage professionals for more information on our low and no-money-down mortgages.


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