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About Michael

Michael Lopez, Owner and President of Alpha Mortgage Corporation leads the way by offering borrowers the finest of financial plans and services.

Since 1983, Michael has personally introduced such revolutionary elements as No Points and No Origination Fee Loans, No Closing Cost Loans, and the Best Rate Guarantee. Alpha was the first to bring No Income Loans to its market areas to help entrepreneurs and the self-employed borrowers who are creditworthy but can not show traditional income to qualify.

Fueled by Michael’s firm trust in God, Alpha Mortgage Corporation is about people and their real needs, a place where clients find compassion and understanding. Our desire is to help structure our customers’ financial futures toward a goal of monetary independence and well-being. The formula defining Alpha Mortgage Corporation’s success is simple; strong business ethics, the highest quality service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. It’s the right way to help implement our customer’s plans for the future. It’s the only way to do business. You’ve got his signature on that!