Heath Altman

Mortgage Banker



Office Phone: (910) 256-8999
Cell Phone: (910) 512-1220
Fax: (910) 795-4948

Heath specializes in structuring Residential, Commercial, and Construction financing. Heath’s business experience is a valuable asset to his client base which encompasses matters beyond general mortgage financing. He is devoted to helping clients achieve greater wealth through properly structuring their mortgage.

Along with his CPA and Financial Planning partners, Heath understands and helps his clients realize that the mortgage is an important financial vehicle for a family’s wealth creation.

Heath works with a strong network of Financial Advisors, CPA’s, and Real Estate Attorneys. He takes pride in building a strong base of appreciative and delighted customers. He is always looking for ways to add value to their lives and grow his business through referrals. You’ve got his signature on that!



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