November Alpha Mortgage Recap


Happy Holidays from your team at Alpha Mortgage! Tis’ the season to enjoy time with family in your beautiful new home! We are proud to serve the Wilmington, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Fayetteville and Asheville areas with the most competitive mortgage and lending services at the lowest rates. As we go into December, we invite you to check out the latest in real estate and mortgage news. And don’t forget – whether you’re on Santa’s nice or naughty list, we can make getting your dream home a reality!

November Housing Facts:

  • Most expensive place to live in America: Newport Beach, California.
  • Least expensive place to live in America: Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Google is now registered as a licensed mortgage broker. Though the company won’t be financing mortgages, it will aggregate quotes from local and national lenders it has partnered with, in order to help users find the best mortgage. It is important to recognize that the company will be paid by the mortgage lenders it has partnered with, so the “best rate” may not be just that. More to come once the model goes live.
  • Home prices increased, growing 0.1% for the month and 5.5% on a year-over-year basis from one year ago, according to the September house price index from Black Knight Financial Services.
  • President Obama signed a bill that caps the salaries of Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopoulos and Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton. According to the White House, President Obama signed the Equity in Government Compensation Act of 2015 on Wednesday. A statement from the White House states that the President signed S. 2036, the “Equity in Government Compensation Act of 2015,” which “suspends compensation packages approved for 2015 for the chief executive officers of (Fannie Mae) and (Freddie Mac) and any of their affiliates, and reinstates the compensation and benefits previously in effect.”