Mortgage Market Update 07-01-14

Home price appreciation in the past few years may have topped out, says a report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The bank said that Americans should prepare for a few years of stagnant prices. Home prices were undervalued by 6% at the end of 2011, says the report, but are now nearly 10% overvalued. Merrill Lynch doesn’t feel like this is a housing bubble like the one back in 2006 when prices were overvalued by 59%, which resulted in price declines of 35% over the next six years.

With summer at full blast, the season calls for outdoor grilling on your propane tank grill. Your propane gas grill could be a ticking time bomb if not used correctly. Each year there are 7,000 gas grill fires, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, many from leaking propane. People continue to turn on the gas, leave the cover down, then hit the grill igniter and they get an explosion from a buildup of gas. The proper way to light the grill is to open the cover, turn on the gas and quickly hit the igniter. And don’t lean over the grill for fear of your face getting singed or worse. Be safe this summer.

Wall Street Stock prices are lower to begin the week due to the ongoing geo-political news out of Russia and the Gaza Strip. The European Union minister meeting is this week and one of the main topics being considered is whether or not further sanctions are to be levied against Russia over its alleged involvement in the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 last week and its continued military presence in Ukraine.