Alpha Mortgage Spotlight:
Featuring Jamie Fleming on Reverse Mortgages


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Interview of Jamie Fleming from Alpha Mortgage:


Mark Katie:                      Hello to you and thanks so much for joining us today for Spotlight Carolina. I’m Mark Katie and many people who watch this program have seen our guests here and they have learned that the key to tapping into the equity in their homes and gaining financial independence in the best years of their lives could revolve around reverse mortgage. Joining us today from Alpha Mortgage Corporation, she’s not just an expert in reverse mortgage. She’s an expert in all kinds of mortgages and lending. Joining us today is Jamie Fleming, always good to see you.

Jamie Fleming:                Thank you. Thank you.

Mark Katie:                      We’ve talked about reverse mortgages on this program, how people use that money to find financial freedom. I want to talk about the types of people who use reverse mortgages and let’s start first with the category of people that maybe you refer to as needs based. Talk about that a little bit.

Jamie Fleming:                Just as the name implies, these are people that typically need a reverse mortgage. I just can’t express enough that there are so many unexpected expenses that come up in retirement years that people simply aren’t prepared for. It could be that they just have not saved properly for retirement or maybe they have saved properly for retirement, but these unexpected expenses have just eaten away at what they have. So they really need to turn to a reverse mortgage to help get out from underneath those expenses.

Mark Katie:                      And that’s a big thing. Like I said, it helps people kind of gain financial independence a little bit. So those are needs based people. Let’s talk about people who are not needs based. Talk about them a little bit.

Jamie Fleming:                Right. And there are so many people that fall into that category, but this could be someone that has maybe they still have a modest mortgage balance left and they can comfortably make that mortgage payment, but they feel that not having that payment would just allow a lot more freedom for them. It also may be someone that we see that they really want to make large renovations later in life to their home so that they can stay there a lot longer, and they may have assets to do that but feel that they would rather hold onto those and just finance the difference because there’s no monthly mortgage payment to make. So that again just makes life a lot easier for them.

Mark Katie:                      We’ve talked about needs based, non needs based. There’s another category sort of like wealth management type folks. Talk about why they might be involved and consider a reverse mortgage.

Jamie Fleming:                That is a great question and as long as reverse mortgages have been around, there are still so many people that think that a reverse mortgage is just those for low income and that really could not be further from the truth. There are so many people that are living, or we’re just living so much longer in retirement years, and there are more and more wealth management advisors that are now talking to their clients about incorporating a reverse mortgage into their overall retirement planning strategy to help those funds last a lot longer.

Mark Katie:                      There you go. Like we’ve talked about this whole interview, it’s really part of the key to financial security, especially in your golden years. The required age for a reverse mortgage is 62.

Jamie Fleming:                62 or older.

Mark Katie:                      There you go. You can learn more about reverse mortgages and if it’s the right program for you by calling the experts at Alpha Mortgage. You can go to for more information or call (828) 581-4108. That’s 581-4108. They can answer all your questions, find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you and kind of find out what part of the system you’re in. Needs based, non needs based wealth management works for a variety of you.

Jamie Fleming:                Exactly.

Mark Katie:                      Always great to have you here on Spotlight Carolina.

Jamie Fleming:                Thank you.

Mark Katie:                      Always lots of great information.

Jamie Fleming:                Thank you.

Mark Katie:                      Thank you for joining us here today on Spotlight Carolina.


Jamie Fleming – (828) 333-4815

Background & Industry Experience – NMLSR #415271

Jamie grew up in Granite Falls, NC where a childhood of working on the family farm honed her work ethic. She began her career in financial services in 1989 putting herself through university while working full-time as a single mother of two girls and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Gardner-Webb University.

After 15 years in various roles with BB&T, Jamie transferred to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC in 2005 to begin her role as a Mortgage Loan Originator. While there, Jamie helped clients with various types of mortgage loan programs including Conventional, Conforming, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, Construction-to-Perm as well as different types of First-Time Home Buyer programs. She also led community workshops to teach people how to manage their financial affairs to improve their credit worthiness.

Today, Jamie is excited to be working with Alpha Mortgage in the Reverse Mortgage side of lending. She enjoys helping clients with issues that matter most in their golden years. One of the greatest fears facing those in the latter stages of life is not having sufficient income to have the lifestyle they envisioned for retirement or worse, possibly running out of money. With a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, Jamie guides clients on how use the equity in the home to generate income, to downsize or right-size to a more suitable home or simply make modifications to their existing home if they want to stay there.