While most real estate agents, builders, and borrowers are familiar with the “normal” process of mortgage origination, the COVID-19 pandemic makes most people hesitate or reconsider a face to face home-buying transaction. Alpha Mortgage has good news. We offer a fully digital home-buying solution to accommodate buyers looking to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

“With the tools we currently have in place,” says Max Master, Business Developer and Trainer with Alpha Mortgage, “we don’t need physical contact with our clients.” Since Max’s on-boarding in 2018, he has been tasked to develop and train our Mortgage Loan Officers with the skills to evolve our business to the digital age.

“It’s been important to maintain our competitive advantage through the use of technology and our investments are becoming extremely evident now with the Coronavirus and social distancing.The fact is that we were already moving in the direction to further optimize our client’s experience and speed in which we close on home loans.” He notes that Alpha Mortgage’s preperations have made this particular event much easier.

“Our digital mortgage lending platform is fufilling it’s promise much earlier than anticipated, but we are grateful that it was in place and already working for those of whom don’t want to miss out on this historic rates and would have missed out if it hadn’t been a way to close on their home without meeting face to face.” Max added.

Still Human

We still have Mortgage Bankers working the loans. The digital shift does make some people question whether or not these loan originations will still have the “human” touch. Max says, “Absolutely. We don’t want to decrease our customer service one bit. A matter of fact our goal is to continue to impress our borrowers with superior customer service but we are going to be adding even more simplicity, convenience and safety that comes with a digital process.”

Amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and are taking the advice from our local government and officials. The health of our clients, co-workers, and our local community is a top priority. If you have interest in our digital mortgage solution, want more information, or simply need an answer to a question please reach out to one of our Mortgage Bankers. We are always happy to give you our assistance, even if that means we don’t meet face to face.